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A Busy Time for Lockers Direct2U

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We’ve been very busy over the past few months at Direct2U with the launch of our first Direct2U catalogue. Our catalogue showcases the very best product picks across our network of specialist websites.

It’s your go to shopping guide for lockers, cupboards, workbenches, cycle shelters, waste management, access equipment, material handling and so much more!

Whatever your sector; whether you work in the education, hospitals, car or manufacturing industry, this is the catalogue for you.

And what’s more – it’s free. You can request a copy of our catalogue online, it only takes a few minutes to do, or you can call our Sales Team on 01922 715 130 and they will be more than happy to help.

*** Request your copy of the Direct2U Catalogue ***

Alongside the launch of our new catalogue we have sourced many more products across all of our ranges. Many of these, you will have seen have, been added to our locker website over the past few weeks. And if that’s not enough there are still more to come.

Here’s a brief introduction into the new ranges you can shop at Lockers Direct2U…

Shop Primary School Lockers from £62

Range #1 - Primary School Lockers

Designed for primary school and nursery children these half height lockers are only 1356mm high which is approximately 4 foot. This makes them the ideal choice for young children, so that they can easily access the locker and store their belongings safely.

Their petite size doesn’t mean that they compromise on quality. Our Primary School Lockers are manufactured in the UK to the same high quality as our Armour Standard Lockers. They have a strong construction made from 0.7mm steel, which will survive the knocks and bumps furniture can receive in a school corridor. And they have a durable powder coated finish infused with anti-bacterial technology to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of bacteria like MRSA and E.Coli. These lockers are certainly a hygienic and long-lasting choice for school environments.

Important Product Performance

Most importantly, our primary school lockers are Fire Guard tested and certified, reaction to Fire Classification EN 13501-1. This means that they will not pose as a danger to escape routes in the event of a fire. And, what’s more they should not add to the spread of a fire.

Clearance Primary School Lockers – Offer Available whilst stock lasts!!

We also have 23 x green 2 door and 22 x yellow 2 door primary school lockers up for grabs. They are brand new, in stock and ready to be delivered. You can save 15% on these lockers. But the offer is only available whilst stock lasts. So hurry!

If you are interested, then please shop our clearance section.

Range #2 - Tool & Battery Charging Lockers

Shop Tool & Battery Charging Lockers from £341.00

We recently wrote our guide to construction lockers, carefully picking out what we think are the best lockers for the construction industry. In the blog we mentioned the value of charging tool lockers for construction and building sites, which enable tools to be kept charged in between use whilst also providing a secure place to store them.

At Lockers Direct2U we have a brand new range of Tool & Battery Charging Lockers which have been designed for exactly that purpose.

With our new tool and battery charging lockers you can choose from solid compartment doors or perforated compartments doors for added ventilation. They also are available in a standard plug version or a RCB plug version. The lockers are manufactured in the UK, are CE marked and meet the EU safety requirements, so that you can have peace of mind.

Still to come…

We still have a few more locker ranges to come including:

  • Probe Gloss Box Lockers
  • Probe MiniBox Lockers
  • Garment Lockers
  • More colours available in the Splash Lockers range
  • More colours available in the Probe Autumn and Activecoat ranges

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