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Guide to: Lockers for Tourist Attractions

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Guide to: Lockers for Tourist Attractions

With warmer weather on the way the nations tourist attractions are gearing up for high season. Safety and security are always at the forefront of providers and consumers minds so providing a secure location for personal belongings is a smart idea. At many of these tourist attractions there are high value and sought after equipment being used which will require safe storage when not in use. Lockers Direct2U offer many ranges of lockers to suit all of these requirements.

Water Parks

Lockers for Water Parks

For locations such as water parks spacious storage is essential. With the majority of visitors being families and groups of friends, locker compartments need to be spacious enough to fit several large bags at a time.

It is also important to offer a variety of compartment sizes depending on group of visitor size. By only providing large compartments valuable space could be wasted when couples and groups of 2 only need minimal storage.

Coin return and token locks are the best option for high traffic areas due to the ease of use and convenience. Key locks are preferred over digital locks for similar reasons. Users are responsible for their own key and have no risk of forgetting combination codes and so on.

Another vital feature lockers should have for water parks is…water resistance! Whether you have an indoor or an outdoor park the moisture can cause damage to standard lockers. See our recommendations below:

Wet Area Lockers

Indoor Suggestion: Wet Area Lockers

  • Pre-coated galvanised steel body for damp environments
  • 75mm deep hinges for durability in frequent use
  • Moisture resistant cam locks
  • Anti-bacterial paint coating

    Probe UltraBox Plastic Lockers

Outdoor Suggestion: Probe UltraBox Plastic Lockers

  • Vandal resistant one piece design
  • Rust proof ultra strong polyethylene door and body
  • Drain hole in each compartment
  • 10 year guarantee

Adventure Parks

Lockers for Adventure Parks

GoApe, theme parks and other adventure centres are all extremely popular in the summer time. Providing entertainment for all age ranges these locations have to cater for a mass of people needing to store belongings. No one wants to have to carry around their packed lunch and rain macs (we can never be sure of the English weather even in the Summer) so having lockers to securely store them in is vital.

For most high traffic environments we’d recommend coin return locks which users have to pay to release the key to lock the lockers. This means users are responsible for their own key and master keys can be used to open in case of loss. Here are the lockers we recommend:

Probe Activecoat Lockers

Indoor Suggestion: Probe ActiveCoat Lockers

  • High quality, durable construction
  • Fire proof
  • Anti-bacterial paint coating
  • Fully welded doors with stiffeners for strong security
  • Wide colour range
  • 1 – 6 compartment options – 3/4 compartments ideal for storing one average sized bag per compartment

    Probe UltraBox Plus Plastic Lockers

Outdoor Suggestion: Probe UltraBox Plus Plastic Lockers

  • Waterproof door seal, lock gasket and drain hole plug
  • Rust proof lockers made from ultra strength polyethylene
  • Heavy duty concealed hinges are vandal resistance
  • Active-coat anti-bacterial technology kills 99% of germs
  • 10 year guarantee


Lockers for Paintballing

Popular for stag parties and birthday parties, paintballing is a fun activity for many Brits every year. Providing visitors with overalls and safety equipment there is a high demand for secure storage at these locations.

Armour Standard Lockers

Equipment Suggestion: Armour Standard Lockers

For storing valuable paintballing equipment we recommend using a standard locker of 1 or 2 compartments.

  • Single door locker comes complete with top shelf and coat hook
  • Strengthened and ventilated doors with rubber buffers
  • Germ Guard anti bacterial technology
  • 4 size options

Clothing Suggestion: Express Wire Mesh Lockers

Express Wire Mesh Lockers

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 6 compartment options – for overalls 1 compartment is best option
  • 160mm high legs for off the floor ventilation
  • 3 point locking system
  • Mesh design allows for ventilation and quick drying of contents
  • High visibility good for easy identification

Economy Lockers

Customers Belongings Suggestion: Economy Lockers

  • Robust and reliable lockers with extra rigid welded frames
  • Fitted with key lock as standard but can have padlock fittings with out extra cost
  • Hard wearing antibacterial powder coating finish
  • 10 day delivery as standard for free
  • 4 door options
  • Cheapest lockers on the website

Soft Play

Lockers for Soft Play Areas

Soft play centres are a popular haunts for burning all that extra energy kids seem to have. Parents love to get involved but there always seems to be one of them waiting at the side lines not wanting to leave the bags and belongings. This problem can easily be sorted by offering the option of lockers and a safe place to keep things.

Suggestion: Cube Lockers

Cube Lockers

  • Cute and small design would fit in with any soft play area
  • Can be bolted and stacked to create unique configurations for limited spaces
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Anti-bacterial coating
  • Range of sizes depending on need and space available

Trampoline Zones

Lockers for Trampoline Zones

A relatively new yet hugely popular attraction where visitors can bounce to their hearts content. It goes without saying that bags, jewellery and shoes etc are not safe to be worn whilst on a trampoline and should be kept well away.

Suggestion: Elite Coloured Door Lockers

Elite Coloured Door Lockers

  • Fun and vibrant colours
  • Doors are reinforced with stiffeners to prevent twisting and bending
  • Airflow technology to allow ventilation
  • Rubber buffers on doors for soft and safe closing
  • Elite Guard anti-bacterial technology kills 99.9% MRSA and E.coli
  • Single compartment lockers fitted with double coat hook and top shelf
  • Two compartment option fitted with double coat hooks

Go Karting

Lockers for Go Karting

Another favourite with stag parties, works do’s and families – go karting is fun for all. Whether its storing helmets, spare parts or personal affects we have the locker to suit every need.

Be safe by storing all valuables in lockers whilst premises is closed and give customers somewhere safe to store their goods.

Spectrum Heavy Duty Lockers

Indoor Suggestion: Spectrum Heavy Duty Lockers

  • Unique and untraditional colour options
  • Same standard as premium heavy duty lockers
  • 1.5mm steel construction for max strength
  • 75mm deep hinges
  • Germ Guard technology

Extreme Plastic Lockers

Outdoor Suggestion: Extreme Plastic Lockers

  • Can be stacked or nested to create unique runs
  • Internal drain holes for quick and easy cleaning
  • Designed for outside use including theme parks, stadiums etc
  • Higher level of vandal resistance vs. steel lockers
  • Air vented
  • 3 sizes available


We hope this guide to tourist lockers has been helpful. If there are any questions you have that this post doesn’t answer, please don’t hesitate to live chat with us.

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