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Has America finally sussed School Lockers?

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An American College student has developed a complex and genius strategy to smartly implement lockers in to high schools. Noah Kaplan used to carry around a 25 pound rucksack filled with all his books and studying equipment for a typical school day. Kaplan was finding it difficult to haul a heavy load around campus all day and some students were suffering with back pain as a result. The new ‘Smart Locker System’ was developed over two years of crunching numbers whilst studying computer science.

The system now allows Kaplan and his fellow students to visit his locker and quickly exchange supplies over between classes. As many students will know, lockers can be placed in awkward locations meaning they are not always accessible and time restraints between classes means most lockers go unused. Kaplan’s system assigns lockers based on the schedules of the 2,300 students at his college and affects how they navigate the hallways.

Kaplan has described his system as complex. He developed a path algorithm and found the shortest paths for every student going to classes and then assigned a locker on those paths so that the students could easily visit a locker.

The Smart Locker System has been a hit with his fellow students and many say that they are now using their locker frequently which is something they weren’t able to do before. Students now only have to carry one or two books around at any one time instead of double.

Kaplan may have been the brains behind the idea but he didn’t work alone. He had help from a wide range of people. Although the scheme took a lot of brain power Kaplan said the system only took up half of his time whilst the other half was spent meeting teachers, administrators etc to make the idea a reality. The motivation to keep going was the idea of making a difference to the students.

Kaplan now hopes to monetize his ideas and sell the system out to other schools and has set up a new website for his business venture. The site will be live on January 1st and you can find out more at www.slockers.com

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