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How can Garment Lockers benefit you?

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How can Garment Lockers benefit you?

In our latest post we’re going to take a closer look at our range of Garment Lockers. Despite being popular we consider them as a specialist locker. Let’s see why they are essential in so many industries and work environments and how they can benefit the employee and third party laundry services.

What can a Garment Locker be used for?

These lockers are essential for work environments which provide workwear for their employees. A Garment Locker has individual compartments for each employee to pick up their workwear at the start of their shift. The lockers have an over-ride door which can access all compartments at once, so that the laundry operator can replenish the items in a timely fashion.

You can use a garment locker for many purposes. Whilst most commonly, their use is for flat garments, you can also use them for the precise issue of safety equipment and PPE. For factories and work sites these lockers can also house boiler suits, respiratory masks, hard hats, hi-viz etc. In fact, they will suit any contents.

Situated next to garment lockers you will often find a garment collector locker. These lockers have a post box style opening at the top where you can drop soiled uniforms and workwear inside. By gathering all worn garments in one place it will make it quicker and easier for the laundry operator to collect. Consequently, making the laundering process quicker and more efficient.

What industries are garment lockers most commonly used in?

What industries are Garment Lockers commonly used in?

  • Healthcare – There are many people employed in healthcare and most of these require clean scrubs or workwear at the beginning of their shift. It is quite the task to ensure that everyone has the correct workwear. But our Garment Lockers are certainly up for it. The design encompasses efficiency, so despite the changing shift patterns, laundry operators can replenish the lockers in good time.

  • Food Industry – Hygiene is imperative in the food industry. Therefore, the industry requires all workwear to be sterile. Garment Lockers enable the clean workwear to be bought onto the premises and put ready for the employees. Garment lockers are powder coated with anti-bacterial technology paint which maintains superior hygiene. Whilst also preventing cross-contamination and protecting from MRSA, E.Coli, as well as every day germs and bacteria.
  • Hospitality and Housekeeping – Like all the other industries hygiene is crucial for hospitality and housekeeping. However, so is appearance. In an industry like this appearance can be everything. Therefore, it is understandable and important that employees wear a uniform and look presentable. Garment Lockers can aid with the collection and distribution of uniforms in these busy working environments.

  • Pharmaceuticals – Contamination and the leaking of substances in the Pharmaceutical industry is a major concern. Garment lockers can help in this situation. They provide a contained area to safely and hygienically collect soiled garments and issue clean workwear. This should consequently help to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between workwear and ordinary clothes. We would recommend teaming the Garments Lockers with standard lockers to give employees to store their everyday clothes and personal items safely.
  • *** Featured: Armour Garment Lockers ***

    Armour Garment Lockers Key Features

    Manufactured from the highest quality steel the Armour Garment Lockers ooze excellence. They have a 0.7mm mild steel carcass with a door stiffener for added robustness. The doors have ventilation built in to allow for a good movement of air flow without compromising security.

    Available in two sizes: W380 x D450mm or W450 x D380mm and with variety of compartments.

    N.B. Lockers with a higher number of compartments (e.g. 12 – 20) are suitable for flat garments. Lockers with a lower number of compartments (e.g. 5 or 10) are suitable for bulky items like shoes and PPE.

    Supplied with mastered 10 disc key operated cam locks with 2,000 differs and a 3-point locking system for superior security. Other lock types are available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll find a suitable option.

    The painted finish is achieved with a full gloss powder coated application which includes a Germ Guard anti-bacterial compound. This helps to keep germs and bacteria at bay. It is proven to help reduce the risk of cross contamination and protect against MRSA and E.Coli (essential for hygiene sensitive areas with a high footfall). What's more, the powder coating process now offers fire protection and ensures that the lockers won’t add to or aggravate a fire.

    Armour Garment Lockers

    Armour Garment Lockers are Fire Guard Tested & Certified to EN 13501-1. Reaction to Fire Classification A2-s2, d0 EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009.

    The final thing to choose when buying lockers is your colour option. The Armour lockers come in a range of vibrant colours. For instance, you could choose which colour to go for based on your corporate colours. Or perhaps you would like to add a splash of vibrancy to your décor? There are 6 RAL colours to choose from including:

  •  Light Grey RAL 7035 (carcass is light grey as standard)
    • Red RAL 3003
    • Green RAL 6024
    • Light Blue RAL 5012
    • Dark Blue RAL 5017
    • Yellow RAL 1018

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