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Lockers in Central Park

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Lockers in Central Park!

Four years ago, Richard Rafael and his wife were training in Central Park for a triathlon. They would cycle together but then found it difficult when it came to running together afterwards. This was because someone had to look after the bicycles and equipment which meant that Richard would usually be the one left behind minding their belongings while his wife ran on ahead. That’s when Richard had the epiphany that started his new business; he thought “Hey wouldn’t it be great if there was a place people could put their stuff?”

Mr. Rafael bought some lockers for $800 and attached them to a hand truck then altered it to have a small bike rack added on. He now rents a small space outside Central Park in Colombus Circle and charges runners $5 to safely store their belongings for an hour and a half. He has a small bank of 15 blue metal lockers on the side walk, next to a food cart. He launched his business in January and thanks to the power of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook the business is gaining momentum. Richard hopes the businesses will become a massive success over the coming Spring and Summer months when more people are choosing to exercise outdoors. Mr. Rafael has named his locker business ‘T2 Lockers’ after the transition two of a triathlon where participants go from biking to running. Locals have been loving the new facility and have branded it ‘ingenious’.

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Richard Rafael was in the army for more than 10 years and was therefore able to get a general vendor licence fairly quickly from New York City and has also applied for a food vending permit to allow him to stock water, Gatorade, energy bars and other useful items that his athlete customers may want. Mr. Rafael has a growing young family and would like T2 Lockers to be a stable income source and hopes to make this possible by expanding business to Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.

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