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SnowGate Ski Lockers

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US based SnowGate Ski locker system creators sell to Best Lockers

In America, two former students of the University of Colorado created SnowGate, an outdoor ski locker system whilst at university and have now sold it to a national locker firm.

Christian Nitu and Cory Finney sold their company to 46 year old Best Lockers, a Maryland firm with personal electronic lockers in water parks, ski resorts and amusement parks across the US.

Nitu and Finney haven’t divulged the details of their deal but they have labelled it a ‘moral victory’. “We built an awesome product that continues to get used every day at Winter Park.” For them, they say the sale was validation that their product which they built whilst studying, is valuable in the real world.

Both men were part of a group working on a business plan for an entrepreneurial class at their school a few years ago when a fellow class mate of theirs had had his ski equipment stolen at a slope. It was then that they discovered a few of their class mates had experienced theft of other things such as bikes.

From this the duo drafted up a high tech kiosk network used in conjunction with an Uber like app for mobile devices. They gathered up a $375,000 investment from family member and business-contest prizes and debuted 71 lockers at Winter Park ski area in February 2013. More lockers are due to be installed this winter in resorts across the country. Resorts do not have to pay for the locker services; they need only to provide space and a wireless internet connection. SnowGate makes money by splitting the revenue with resorts and offering 24 hour customer service.

The first full season at Winter Park created profit for SnowGate and the resort according to the creators. The boys found themselves struggling for cash to expand having only won a small amount of money in a contest last spring. This is when Best Lockers swooped in and hopes to expand from interior lockers at ski resorts to outdoor storage for both skis and snowboards.

We’d love to hear what you think about SnowGate, have you ever used ski lockers?

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