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Wimbledon Locker Room

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The women’s dressing room is lavishly furnished with sofas and candles however the men’s locker room is said to lack such soft furnishings. Dan Bloxham (master of ceremonies at Wimbledon) said “we don’t want to make it too soft for them”.

The locker room is considered strictly a working space and not a hotel and Bloxham states “we’re very classic and very simple in the men’s locker room. We’ve got wooden benches and wooden lockers…There are definitely no sofas”. There are no toiletries or comfortable chairs for players to prepare and relax. “The players might be stretching on the benches or jogging up and down a bit in there...it’s a working room [not] a hotel”.

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In contrast to the stark approach of the men’s locker room, the 32 seeds in the men’s single draw have their own room with their names on the lockers. The seeds get approached each year and asked if they want to stay in the same place with the same locker and most of the time, if they had a good previous tournament they choose to stay. On the other hand, if they didn’t have such a good tournament then they might choose to try somewhere new. For the Championships the members names come off the lockers and the players names replace them. If players reach the semis and further they can have more than one locker due to the dwindling number of competitors.

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