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Garment Dispenser Lockers

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Garment dispensers solve the issue of managed workplace clothing. Uniform hygiene is often managed by third party laundries and is an essential procedure in many sectors. Garment lockers come with BioCote protection which provides an additional asset to workplace hygiene. Not only are garment lockers ideal for work wear, they are also equally suitable for the controlled issue of safety equipment, personal protective equipemtn (PPE), consumables or specific materials required for a working day.


  • Available in 5, 10 and 15 door versions
  • Size: H: 1778mm x W: 381mm x D: 457mm
  • Grey body with choice of 5 door colours – blue, green, grey, red and yellow
  • Fitted with deadlock operated with two keys
  • Galvanised anti-theft shelf angled inside ‘post slot’
  • Includes hooks for laundry collection sack (sack not included)

Garment dispensers provide each user / worker with key access to their own secure compartment where they can collect a clean set of work clothing. Compartment doors are inset within the main full height door, which remains locked.

Individual compartments are accessible from the full height main door for restocking with clean and laundered clothing. Used garments which then require cleaning can be posted into an adjacent collection locker. This is then collected in a laundry bag (sold separately). Separation of clean and used items greatly increases hygiene in working environments and prevents any cross contamination.

The BioCote Science Stuff

BioCote antimicrobial technology is incorporated at the point of manufacture and offers a constant protection against a wide range of bacteria. It has been proven that storage lockers treated with BioCote powder coating have reduced bacteria on their surface by 94%. Ultimately, creating a cleaner and more hygienic working environment.

Ideal Uses

Perfect for use in the food and catering industry where work wear hygiene is important. Garment dispenser lockers can also be used in hospitals, industry and manufacturing etc.

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