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GoCabby Tablet Storage Trolley Highlights

The GoCabby Tablet Storage Trolley Highlights

The GoCabby tablet storage trolley is designed to accommodate a range of tablets from all different makes and models. Tablets can be stored in the GoCabby even when in their protective cases, including large cases such as Gripcase, Otterbox etc.

DescriptionShop GoCabby Tablet Storage

The GoCabby can hold up to 16 tablets at any one time and safely stores, charges and synchronises them with or without their individual protective cases on. The stylish and attractive GoCabby trolley is suitable for all makes and models of tablets including iPad, Kindle Fire, Android etc.


W: 553mm x H: 792mm x D: 400mm

Safety Information

  • The telescopic cart handle and two side handles enables easy transportation while the Velcro straps and supportive foam protects tablets during transit
  • Two hasp locks are located at the top of the tablet trolley, perfect for use with a padlock for extra security
  • The GoCabby is built with internal fans to keep the tablets cool whilst the trolley is closed and charging is on
  • There is also an inbuilt compartment made to house a laptop, charger and Apple TV device
  • The GoCabby is fitted with 2 wheels and 4 feet to allow easy and safe use when unit is open

Technical FeaturesShop GoCabby Tablet Storage

  • The innovative Charge & Sync functionality provided by U16S Cambrionix technology is an intelligent charging system that allows simultaneous charging among all tablet types and syncing (if all the tablets are the same type)
  • GoCabby’s are also designed so that the boards can be replaced to keep up with the constant evolution of technology
  • WiFi router can be safely stored in an allocated holder and patch lead to an external RJ45 plate
  • There is an internal 13amp double socket for powering the router and laptop
  • Cable management is easy and tidy thanks to a space-saving USB cable system. The GoCabby is powered by a 2 metre mains cable with detachable IEC lead

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