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Workwear Lockers Highlights

Workwear Lockers HighlightsBuy Workwear Lockers


  • H: 1800m x W: 450mm x D: 450mm
  • A sloping top option is available
  • Grey base frame with a range of door colours available including; dark blue, green, grey, pastel blue, maroon, red and yellow

Manufactured in the UK, our workwear lockers have one horizontal and two vertical built in compartments. The two vertical compartments allow for separating work clothes with daywear or separating clean and dirty clothing. Each locker is built with Airflow venting system and eliteGUARD anti-bacterial powder coating.

Design Features

  • Lockers are welded and riveted in construction
  • The workwear locker doors are rebated within the locker frame to ensure security
  • Hinges are semi-concealed and welded to the doors allowing easy door replacement and repair if needed
  • Workwear locker carcasses are manufactured with predrilled nesting holes perfect for creating a personalised banks or run of lockers
  • The top and bottom of workwear lockers are vented with air circulation holes
  • Manufactured with quality CR4 steel and Abbeysteel sustainable sourced steel
  • Components are coated in polyester powder with an anti-bacterial additive


EliteGUARD is an effective secondary support to existing cleaning practices. The anti-bacterial powder coating is an effective solution to fighting bacteria contamination for the duration of the coating. Tests have found that 99.9% of MRSA and E.coli bacteria are killed. It has also shown to stop the growth of fungi and moulds. EliteGUARD benefits the healthcare, food and other industries requiring strict hygienic environments the most.

Ideal Uses

Workwear lockers are perfect for use in the food and building industry where clean and dirty clothes need to be kept separate. Also ideal for warehouses and similar work places wear specialist clothing is sometimes needed e.g. high visibility jackets, helmets, boots etc.

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